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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

-Maria Robinson

Hi, I’m Jenni Samano and I’m the Happy Humble Health Coach.  I have created a safe and edutaining community for women who have been riding the yo-yo diet rollercoaster and are ready to get off that ride for good!  I provide an environment where women are safe to be open and vulnerable, to explore their relationship with food and why previous diets haven’t worked for them.  I empower women to change their mindset and learn how to design a realistic, healthy clean-eating lifestyle to help them lose the weight and keep it off without restrictive diets/exercise plans, deprivation, guilt or shame.

I truly feel that it is important for women to understand that the methods they used in the past, the fad diets and magic pills, were actually designed to make them fail and that their lack of success isn’t all on them.  The diet industry is a $33 BILLION dollar a year business. If their products actually worked, they’d be out of a job!

I am on a mission to help the women who are ready to ditch the diet roller coaster once and for all, to lose the weight, keep it off, adopt a clean eating healthy lifestyle and all of this without deprivation, restrictive meal plans or giving up the foods they love.  I want women to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. I want them to love themselves and fall in love with the lifestyle!

I know what it is like to feel the frustration of yet another failed attempt to keep the weight off after following the latest strict diet plan or dumping my money into the next magic potion that promises to melt the fat away (with all natural ingredients from an obscure rainforest, of course – **insert exasperated eye roll here**) to always be hiding from the world, full of guilt and shame because of my weight.   After 20 years of riding the diet roller coaster myself, I say no more diets, guilt or shame!  I had struggled with my weight for the majority of my adolescent and adult life. I struggled with body image and a total lack of self-confidence, doing everything I could to hide from the world so as not to be judged or made to feel inadequate because of my weight.  But those days are finally in the past. I have learned to successfully change my lifestyle by making small but meaningful changes to the way I eat and move which has resulted in losing the weight, keeping it off and finally feeling happy and confident in my own skin.    

It wasn’t until I found clean eating that I learned how to lose weight the right way and keep it off for good.  I lost 60 pounds, learned to love myself and decided to share my success with other women so that they may experience the feeling of success and fulfillment that comes with changing your lifestyle for the better and achieving your goals.

  • I’ve become a certified Health Coach and Weight Management Specialist so that I can help other women who are ready to make lasting changes find the same success I have.
  • I’ve developed a clean eating lifestyle that is easy to follow and diverse enough to get the whole family on board.
  • I’m able to help women break down the mental blocks that often sabotage their weight loss and help them adopt a more positive mindset around their ability to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Having walked the path and lived the struggle so many women are facing, I am confident that I can help you achieve your goal of losing the weight and keeping it off for good so that you look and feel amazing and confident in your own skin.

When I’m not coaching my clients and hosting clean eating menu planning and recipe workshops, you can usually find me spending time with my husband, our critters and our families and friends.  

Want to know more?  Here are four fun facts you don’t know about me…

  • I had a pet cow named Willie as a child who thought he was just one of the dogs.  He was the sweetest thing!
  • My dream is to live on a ranch and have a menagerie of critters – a cow, two miniature donkeys, a few goats and some chickens sprinkled in to make it well rounded 🙂
  • I hate to cook (ok it’s probably just because I’m really not very good at it) so I rely on my instant pot and simple, yummy recipes to keep my family eating clean
  • I used to be a custom cake and cupcake designer and had my own catering business for a couple years (I’m a recovering sugar addict!)

Are you interested in learning more about what I do and how I might help you achieve your goals?  Here are a few ways to connect:

I started H3 Coaching Services as a place for those who have yet to find the right solution for their journey to a happier, healthier life.  I want to help you discover the strength you have inside to say “Today is the day I decide to take control and change my life!”

I offer one-on-one, small group and online coaching services for people looking to make positive, lasting changes in their lives.  I specialize in healthy lifestyle coaching and weight management.

I want provide women with a safe, non-judgmental environment to identify and change those behaviors that have been holding them back from reaching their ideal healthy lifestyle.  I am here to empower women to break the cycle, write their own story and make the necessary changes that will lead to long-lasting healthy habits.  Knowing where to start on this journey can be overwhelming.  Working with a health coach can help you identify the small changes that will quickly add up to big results and help map out your journey, providing support and accountability along the way. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to health and weight loss, everyone’s journey will be a little different.

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