What I Do

I meet my clients where they are in their journey and guide them to where they want to be in the least stressful, lowest-risk, and most inspiring way possible.

I empower and support women to take control of their lives, write their own story and live a happy, healthy and humble life.

My Philosophy

Life is too short to live a life that doesn’t make you happy.  Whether you are looking to rewrite your story, unsure how to reach your goals, struggling with your health or weight, or just need some accountability to get where you know you want to be in life, working with a coach can significantly improve your success in whatever you endeavor to achieve.  I believe that to get real, lasting results, we need to take a step back and really identify what it is that is holding us back from a living a truly healthful and fulfilling life.  I believe that everyone has the answers inside of them – they just need a little help asking the right questions to reveal their path.

My Methods

No two people will have the same journey in life.  The path leading us to our ideal life looks different for all of us.  Trying to follow someone else’s “roadmap” often leaves us unfulfilled and constantly comparing our life to someone else’s, someone who “has it all together” (or so we think).

I want to break the vicious cycle of comparison and feeling stuck.  I want you to be empowered to write your own story, to live out loud and love your life.  In creating this happy and healthy lifestyle, I want you to find what works for you.  My job as a coach is to guide you on your journey, to ask the questions that you get you thinking, to help find resources and teach you tips and tricks to incorporate into your lifestyle, to hold you accountable and support you as you overcome the roadblocks to making a lifelong commitment to your happiness and health.

I strive to keep it real, to provide honest, no B.S. solutions for a sustainable lifestyle change.  We don’t thrive in a state of constant comparison, deprivation and denial.  We need to strive for progress over perfection every day.  Having unrealistic goals and programs do not help us feel successful and often cause us to give up in our pursuit of health and happiness.

My Goals

You will no longer be a slave to someone else’s ideal life or settle for what someone tells you your fate will be.  You will take back your power and design a happy and healthy life that ignites your soul.  You will look inside yourself, see what you need to address to rewrite your story as you want it to read.  You’ll open your mind to new ideas and find what works for YOU.  What works for me won’t necessarily work for you and that’s ok.  That’s the beauty of writing your own story.  There’s more than one way to fulfil your ideal life and you will be happier when you look inside to find out what that truly means to you.

I want you to feel good about yourself, to be able to really look at yourself, see your worth and your beauty, to love yourself and allow others to love you as well.  I want you to feel confident, happy and in control of your life.  Are you ready to rewrite your story and design the life you’ve always wanted to live?  If so, I’m here to give you my unconditional support to make the change, follow your dreams and let go of what’s holding you back.

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